At Barr we love Christmas…!

We love the traditions, but we are equally excited about looking at these from a new perspective – most importantly though is an uncompromising focus on quality.
We already started planning when last Christmas came to an end, and we spent the year gathering supply. We’ve been pickling and salting, drying and smoking, collecting berries and found the spices for our homemade schnapps. And the beer, it has been brewed and will soon be on tap…

We offer different ways of celebrating Christmas at Barr; For dinner in the restaurant, we’ve created a 4 course Christmas menu; in our private dining room we serve an extended version of this menu along with a set drinks menu and last but not least our recurring Christmas tradition, The Great Barr Christmas Feast.

Whether you wish to come with friends or family, our if you are in charge of planning this year’s Christmas lunch for your company, we believe we have just the right solution to fit the ambition.

Restaurant and bar 4-course Christmas menu:

Dill marinated salmon from the Faroese Islands with mustard sauce and pears

Glazed “spareribs” with lingonberries and pine

Duck roast with winter cabbages, black truffle and caramelized potatoes

BARR ”ginger bread cake” with “amassed” berries and cream

DKK 600,- per person

BARR ”Christmas treats” – addition to the menu
”klejne” with goosebreast and horseraddish cream upon arrival
Baked sweets with the coffee

+ DKK 150,- per person

Our Christmas menu is offered between November 16th and December 22nd.

Private Dining Room

We’ve furnished a special room for those of you who wish to celebrate Christmas at Barr in a more private setting. It allows for time and peace to enjoy togetherness with the people in your company.

We invite parties from 12 to 20 people to enjoy an extended version of our Christmas menu along with a set drinks menu.

You can get more information, see the menu, and make reservations here!

The Great BARR Christmas Feast

We will include many of the classics from a traditional Danish Christmas menu, all with a Barr twist.

Barr ”klejne” with goosebreast

Aged white herring with egg cream and salted plums
Red herring with capers and onions

Fried plaice with bleak roe and mayonnaise

Pulled chicken – creamy salad with mushrooms and Barr’s own bacon

Pork breast – dried, salted and fried – with apples from “Fejø”

“Terrine” made from salted pork with mustard

“Julemedister” – Traditional Danish Christmas sausage made from veal and pork

Free range duck – salted and aged
Aspic, duck sauce and cabbage stew with truffle
Caramelized potatoes, creamy potatoes, potato crisps

”Barr pickles”
Beetroot, Lingonberries, Gherkins, Rosehips, Elderberries, small Cucumbers, green Tomatoes, Ramson Onions, Cabbage, Cherries, Pumpkins

Cheeses – Our Christmas selection with flat bread and compot of “amassed” berries

Barr ”rice pudding” – the traditional Danish Christmas dessert

“Ginger bread cake”

DKK 550 per person

The Great Barr Christmas Feast is offered for lunch Friday to Sunday starting November 30th till December 16th.

The Christmas Feast is served in four segments – chilled, warm, hot and sweet.

You can book online here!