The Great BARR Christmas Feast

Lucia bun

Christmas spices, horseradish cream and juniper oil

Elderflower herring

Lovage, cress, pearl onions and pork fat with thyme

Cured salmon & Crispy plaice

”Rævesovs”, langoustine and elderflower ”remoulade”

Pork terrine

From pork shanks with beetroot and mustard

Glazed Ham

Kale stew with juniper and nutmeg

Christmas sausage

With lingonberries

Confit duck legs

Half apples with redcurrant gel, caramelized potatoes, duck sauce and warm red cabbage salad

Sourdough bread and ryebread with salted butter is served on the side


Our own favorites with home baked shortbread and wild blueberry compote

Christmas sweets

Risalamande, cherry sauce, cookies, sweet treats and confectionery

675, – per person

Served over several rounds, cold, warm, hot and sweet