Upcoming events at Barr

Throughout the year, we will host a number of events both at the Beer Bar and in the main dining room. Make sure to follow @barrcph on Instagram and come back to this page for additional information on events being held throughout the year.

The Great BARR Christmas Feast

We will include many of the classics from a traditional Danish Christmas menu, all with a Barr twist.

Barr ”klejne” with goosebreast and horseraddish cream

Aged white herring with egg cream and salted plums
Fried herring marinated in vinegar with onions and caper berries

Dill marinated Icelandic salmon with pear, mustard and honey

Fried plaice with salted roe and mayonnaise

Pork breast – dried, salted and fried – with apples from “Fejø”

“Terrine” made from salted pork with mustard

“Julemedister” – Traditional Danish Christmas sausage made from veal and pork

Free range duck – salted and aged
Caramelized potatoes and duck sauce with black truffle

”Barr pickles”
Beetroot, Lingonberries, Gherkins, Rosehips, Elderberries, small Cucumbers, green Tomatoes, Ramson Onions, Cabbage, Cherries, Pumpkins

Cheeses – Our Christmas selection with flat bread and compot of “amassed” berries

Barr ”rice pudding” – the traditional Danish Christmas dessert with lots of vanilla and almonds

Sweet ginger cookies

DKK 575 per person

The Christmas Feast is served in four segments – chilled, warm, hot and sweet.

It is offered for lunch Friday to Sunday starting November 29th till December 22nd.

You can book online here!


As a celebration of the classic schnitzel, this is our continuing series where we invite friends from Denmark and around the world to come cook with us and share their version of the best schnitzel. Each one-of-a-kind event is a fun and personal contribution to the Barr experience.