Dear friends,

For years, I talked with René Redzepi about creating a new kind of restaurant in Copenhagen. We spent years looking for the perfect space – and we finally found it, inside the old home of noma on the city’s iconic waterfront. Together in partnership, we opened restaurant Barr in July 2017.

Barr is not another Nordic restaurant. Rather, it draws from the eating and drinking traditions of the North Sea; an area that spans Scandinavia, Benelux and the British Isles. The name Barr is an old Irish word for “crops” and an old Nordic word for “barley,” a staple throughout this stretch of Europe, and, of course, one of the foundations of beer. Barr celebrates this diverse region’s cold-country cooking, its breweries, and its shared devotion to conviviality.

The cooking of this region has always fascinated me – from classic dishes like the humble frikadeller (Danish meatballs) and schnitzel, to the use of marmite in cooking in Britain. At Barr, we serve familiar foods in the best way we can, building on the last decade’s gastronomic development in Copenhagen. We carry on the spirit of experimentation and knowledge, serving our versions of traditional dishes, along with a great selection of beers and aquavit from this extraordinary area.

We want Barr to be welcoming, comfortable, and delicious, a place you’ll visit regularly with your family and friends.

We hope to see you soon!

Thorsten Schmidt & the Barr team